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F2C Custody
F2C Custody

The F2C service provides custody services for individuals and legal entities who understand the degree of risk and are ready to minimize it at a reasonable price.

Storage scheme for the client's digital assets in the F2C service.

The system is designed in such a way as to minimize the main risks.

Depending on the selected service package, the user has three options for storing digital assets:

  1. The client extract digital assets to his/her wallet. In this case, only he/she is responsible for the safety of secret keys and passwords to them;
  2. The client stores digital assets in a shared cold wallet of the F2C service. In this case, it is a multi-signature smart contract that provides a high degree of protection;
  3. The client stores digital assets in a shared wallet of the F2C Custody service. In this case, F2C Custody's internal security procedures are followed, including encryption of private keys and the lack of access to them for every service employee.