About us
The F2C project brings together the best experts
with many years of experience in the banking sector, brokerage,
in the development of complex information systems,
as well as in the field of IT security.
The uniqueness of the F2C team is that we know perfectly well both the traditional financial market and the cryptocurrency one.
We work every day to provide the best service.
Road map

· Launch of testing of crypto processing;

· User interface development;

· API testing;

· Integration of the Lotus / Domino system;

· Placement of F2C Share shares.


· Integration with internal accounting systems (management and accounting);

· Creation of custodian service;

· Placement of F2C Share shares (10%) among individuals;

· Signing a contract with the first exchange;

· Integration of the service with the internal accounting systems of the exchange.


· Launching into industrial operation;

· Carrying out ICO (placement of 20% of F2C Share shares);

· Connection of the second exchange;

· Launch of F2C custody;

· Launch of F2C asset management.