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F2C - your reliable partner in solving complex challenges

We offer the services of converting fiat money into crypto assets online using banking systems SWIFT / IBAN / SEPA .

F2C is:
The company is registered in the EU.

F2C Custody
Internal business processes ensure key security

User friendly personal account (a single online login window for exchanges, easy input / output of assets).
High quality service for large number of customers.
Conduct operations online throughout the day 24/7
Anywhere in the world with internet access
Stable coin USDT mitigates the risks of significant changes in exchange rates relative to each other.
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Our team
Galiya Seidaliyeva
Founder and financial expert
Galiya Seidaliyeva
Over 25 years of experience in the stock market, investor and expert in the field of Private Banking
Alexander Kolokhmatov
Founder and Architect
Alexander Kolokhmatov
20 years of experience in the banking industry, Supervised the automation of business processes and information security
Arman Dospambetov
Arman Dospambetov
Economist - international affairs, business consultant, 20+ experience in financial markets, an expert in the field of strategic marketing
Vyacheslav Averkin
Co-founder and crypto-evangelist
Vyacheslav Averkin
Alexander Ozerov
Alexander Ozerov
20+ years of experience in the banking IT systems, business process automation, information security gurus.
We guarantee you!
All the procedures for interacting with customers of the service are in full accordance with the requirements of the FATF commission.
Protect your digital assets with the world's safest and most reliable storage solution.
The client of the F2C service easily harmoniously gets into the high-tech environment of crypto assets, at the same time remaining in the familiar and well-known field of traditional banking services. A low commission for operations is maintained.
Do you have questions?
What is a crypto asset?

This is a digital derivative financial instrument that has all the properties of a cryptocurrency or stock issued by a company or group of persons in order to attract financial resources for the implementation of promising projects or to acquire Assets for capitalization, where the crypto asset is a tool that guarantees the identification of the owner of the crypto asset with fulfillment of the issuer's obligations to the crypto asset bearer. In this case, it is BTC, ETH, USDT;

What is FATF?

FATF - (Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering) is an intergovernmental organization that develops global standards for the development of financial measures to combat money laundering. For 2019, 37 countries and two international organizations are members of the FATF, 23 organizations and one state are observers.

What is a virtual IBAN account?

Virtual IBAN account - (International Bank Account Number) standard No. 13616 of the International Organization for Standardization ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and the European Committee for Banking Standards ECBS, European Committee for Banking Standards - international bank account number;

What is AML and KYC?

AML - (antimonylaundering) anti-money laundering; KYC - (KnowYourCustomer) is the term for banking and exchange regulation for financial institutions and bookmakers, as well as other companies working with private individuals' money, which means that they must identify and identify the counterparty before conducting a financial transaction;

What is SOC 2 Type 1?

SOC 2 Type 1 is a type of certification of technologies and cloud computing that prove that the most stringent security control and monitoring measures are implemented, designed to effectively protect information systems from misuse, as well as disclosing or modifying them without proper permission.