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Strengthening legislation in the framework of control over clients of crypto-exchanges requires them to implement a verification service. Over half of the 800 exchanges do not comply with KYC rules.

Crypto exchanges have the ability to easily verify clients using the F2C gate service, and Oracle will help with the transfer of fiat assets.

Brokerage companies

New financial markets for crypto assets are forcing brokerage companies to seek new opportunities for their clients. At the same time, the biggest challenge is protecting digital assets from hacker attacks and managerial fraud. The F2C Custody solution will help the broker to open up new growing markets, and F2C AM will find new profitable investments for clients.

Trust companies
The growing demand for crypto assets every day increases the demand for finding reliable custodians for their storage.

Protected from hacker attacks and manager fraud, F2C Custody solutions will help exchange clients to preserve their digital assets, and various asset management options to increase their funds.